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Betsy FosterWelcome to the melodic world of Betsy Foster. Betsy is a composer of contemporary musical works ranging in style from New Age to love ballads.

Betsy's music also includes haunting Celtic harmonies, original movie soundtrack compositions, waltzes and songs that celebrate love.

In recent years Betsy has produced an ever-growing and eclectic repertoire of original compositions that have become very popular with a wide audience.

Greatly praised for her love ballads, Betsy has also been recognized by critics and peers as an emerging musical talent, capable of composing music for any mood, and in a wide range of genres.

This site provides a gateway into the passionate and harmonic world of Betsy Foster. We hope that you too will be touched and will come to share the music that has meant so much to so many people.

"Your music very much moved me. It has a fresh innocent charm, that allows my imagination to drift... To be able to compose as you do, is like walking with the angels, and only positive things will be achieved. I know that anyone who really listens to your compositions will be rewarded with nothing but good feelings. I know I was." -- Pat Terri, USA

quiet residential street with trees in bloom

"Your music has brought great joy to me and my beloved, Alice... the words are so meaningful to us." -- Don DeVaughan, USA


Paintings by Richard Earl Thompson and Claire Ruby
used by permission
Photography by Debra Curtis.